Free Health Checkup Camp and Awareness talk at Geetanjali Hostel, UDSC organized on 10th Nov 2016 !!

The quote Good health is contagious came alive as residents of Geetanjali Hostel woke up on 10th November, 2016, to a Free Health Checkup Camp, organized by the Hostel Authorities and WUS Health Centre, UDSC, in collaboration with Max Healthcare Institute Ltd., held on the hostel premises. The event was inaugurated by Prof. J P. Khurana (Director, South Campus) and attended by the chairperson of the hostel Management Committee, Prof. Rani Gupta. Our respected provost, Prof. Mridula Gupta as well as our admired warden, Dr. Manisha Goel were at the helm of affairs and their resilient bustling energy encouraged more participation from the students. A multitude of basic facilities were provided free of cost for the residents of the hostel to improve their lifestyle and to cater to their regular medical needs. The personnel at the camp had worked hard from ten in the morning till late afternoon and had facilities for determining height and weight for calculating basal metabolic rate BMI, advising girls on being under or over-weight). The staff also measured blood pressure (B.P.) and conducted blood test for determining hemoglobin and blood sugar levels. The team also had expertise in opthamology and eye sight check up was also part of the program. Another important test conducted was that was Bone densitometry. An ECG facility was also arranged in a separate room with a female technician. A very popular spot among the girls was the Dietician Consult. A gynecological consultation with eminent physicians from the Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. was also available. The team had experienced gynecologist, dietitian, ophthalmologist, along with General Physicians (Dr.Rinku Mathur, WUS) and other technical staffs and lab assistants. The staffs in the WUS health Centre and Max institute were very caring and cooperative with the girls. A talk by distinguished gynecologist, Dr. Anuradha Kapoor (Associate Director, Unit Head Gynecology of Max Healthcare Institute Ltd), was held at noon on the topic Hormonal Disorders in Young Girls. Given that majority of the residents are young girls in their mid-twenties with extremely busy schedules and a less than ideal lifestyle, the topic of the talk stirred great interest and enthusiasm amongst them. The residents of Geetanjali hostel received detailed instructions on nutrition and personal hygiene, tips on regular checkups and tests to diagnose any abnormality, particularly for tumors. The interactive session witnessed a lot of curiosity from the listeners, which were very patiently clarified by Dr.Kapoor, who also promised personal counseling especially for the residents in case of any urgency or query at any time!