Freshers' welcome party

The freshers' welcome party was celebrated on 11-September 2015. The theme of the party was "Tight and Bright" in which the fresh residents of the hostel were expected to wear tight clothes in bright colors. The venue of the part, the Common room was decorated in bright colors by the seniors of the hostel. The party started in the evening in which a warm welcome from our provost, Prof. Mridula Gupta and warden ma'am, Dr. Manisha Goel who both joined the festivities. After this welcome, the junior residents were asked to come up on the stage one by one and give a short introduction including details such as their course of study and their hobbies. They were each presented with a memento by the seniors. A variety of games like musical chair, paper dance were organized for the rest of the evening, in which all freshers participated with full gusto. This provided them with an opportunity to interact with each other and their seniors too. Three enthusiastic new residents were selected for the titles of Miss Fresher, Miss Talented and Miss Versatile of the hostel, for the year 2015-2016.
Ms. Rajshree (History) was selected as Miss Fresher,
Ms. Shikha (Genetics) was Miss Talented
Ms. Shivani Singh (English) was Miss Versatile.
They all won small goody bags.
Residents enjoyed the special party snacks of burgers, cold drinks, pastries and chips. The party culminated with an impromptu DJ session in which all the residents danced to their fullest till midnight !!!