Independence day

Independence Day was celebrated with great fervor on 15th –Aug-2015 in the hostel. The resident students joined enthusiastically in decorating the flag pole and the surrounding area in patriotic colors with flowers, ribbons and balloons. The provost, Prof. Mridula Gupta, initiated the proceeding with hoisting the flag which was followed by the National Anthem. She delivered a short address to the residents, emphasizing the importance of "independence and what it means for the new generation" She motivated the students and participants to do their best in everything they do and to remember that contribution of each person goes a long way in building a strong nation. The warden, Dr. Manisha Goel, also participated and called upon girls to celebrate the occasion with full enthusiasm. Later, ladoos were distributed to savour the sweetness of the occasion. A choir, composed of choicest singers of Geetanjali hostel, sang patriotic songs which enhanced the patriotic fervor of the day. The tricolor flew high and proud for the day and was taken down in the evening at sunset with full respect.