1. No resident is allowed to shift from one room to another without prior written permission of the Provost/Warden. No furniture should be shifted from one room to another without prior written permission of hostel administration. In case of double-seated rooms the administration shall have the right of shifting any resident to another room with a view to ensure the double occupancy of rooms in the hostel. No resident shall shift from the room allotted to her to another room. No item should be shifted from one room to another. The responsibility of keeping their rooms clean and tidy will rest with the residents.

2. Every resident is responsible for proper maintenance of Hostel property. Residents will be charged three times the actual cost of the damaged item of the Hostel property they use, individually or collectively, as the case may be.

3. Residents, who take up full time jobs, discontinue their studies and Ph.D./M.Phil. students completing their work in the middle of the session, shall inform the Hostel office in writing and vacate the Hostel accommodation immediately, after clearing all the dues.

4. All Residents, except research and foreign students shall vacate their rooms within three days of completion of their annual examinations. Cases of those who wish to stay in the Hostel beyond this date, if regarded essential by their respective Faculties, may be considered individually by the Provost, after a formal recommendation has been received by her from the Faculty concerned. Such an application should be made at least 15 days in advance.

5. No resident can claim the guest status for any reason during her stay unless approved by the authorities.

6. No resident will be permitted to stay in the Hostel for more than six years. (6)

7. The residents must hand-over the complete charge of their rooms, while vacating the Hostel accommodation and must obtain a Clearance Certificate and Gate pass. A copy/photocopy of clearance certificate and gate pass is to be handed over to the Security Guard on duty before leaving the Hostel premises. The residents are not allowed to hand over the keys of their rooms to any person other than the Hostel authorities.

8. Residents getting temporary employment, provided they continue to be full-time bonafide students, may be permitted to stay as per following conditions: a) Residents working on a temporary basis who continue to be bonafide students of a University/College may be allowed to stay in the hostel on payment of an amount as per rules. All such residents must inform the office immediately on getting the job. Residents getting temporary employment of an academic nature in University of Delhi or its affiliated colleges may be allowed to stay in the Hostel, provided they continue to be bonafide students, a sum of ` 150/- per month will be charged as surcharge establishment charges, over and above the normal monthly charges, if monthly income is above ` 1,000/-. Surcharges will be ` 100/- if monthly income does not exceed ` 1,000/- per month. b) Residents, who do not inform the Provost of their appointments and do not take her special permission to stay, will be charged penal rent of ` 2500/- per month from the date of their appointment. The residency of those students who fail to intimate to the authorities about their employment status, will be terminated and they will be required to vacate the Hostel accommodation immediately. c) The residents doing Ph.D/M.Phil. are required to give an undertaking every six months, duly certified by the Head of the Department, that they are not employed anywhere or doing any paid job, full-time or part-time.

9. In case any resident remains away from the Hostel for more than 3 days without informing the Hostel administration in writing, it will be presumed that she has left the hostel, and hostel administration reserves the right to take possession of the room and re-allot it to another student. The luggage of the resident concerned, if any, will be deposited in the store/any other room of the hostel. If the luggage is not claimed within three months, the Hostel Administration may dispose it off in any manner considered suitable. A penal rent @ ` 20/- per day in addition to the normal charges for the period during which the luggage remains unclaimed shall be payable by the concerned person.

10. Admission shall be terminated in case of a student against whom disciplinary action has been taken by a department/college/hostel of the University of Delhi.

11. The room/s of resident/s shall be double-locked if at any given point of time hostel and mess dues outstanding towards them exceed the amount of hostel caution money.

12. Lights and fans should always be switched off when leaving the rooms, common room, Library etc. Defaulters may be penalized.

13. Battery operated transistor, music systems may be played at a low volume. Residents shall not do anything that causes disturbance to others.

14. Residents should intimate in writing to the Office immediately any changes in the addresses and telephone No. of Parents and Local Guardians duly verified by the guardian. The residents shall not be allowed to make use of the Office telephone for personal work.

15. The Provost, the Warden or their nominee shall have the right to enter resident's room to make a surprise check or an inquiry/search, as and when considered necessary.

16. Residents are expected to give due respect to Hostel staff (office employees, mess and safai karamcharis, malis and security staff). If and when residents encounter any problem with or lapse on the part of any employee she may report the same to Resident Tutor / (7) Warden. In case the resident/s is/are not satisfied with the action taken by the RT/Warden in this regard, the matter may be brought to the notice of Provost.However, residents shall not take the law in their own hands and do anything to hurt the honour and dignity of hostel employees. Any act of misconduct towards the hostel employees on the part of a resident/s will be treated as an act of serious breach of discipline.

17. No notices can be put up on any of the notice boards of the Hostel without written permission/signature of the administration. Sticking of unauthorized bills, posters or notices in any of the public spaces within the Hostel premises is strictly prohibited and violation of this provision shall be treated as an act of serious indiscipline on the part of the defaulter.

18. Residents are expected to come to the dining hall, common room, visitor's room and the Office, properly dressed. Residents violating this rule shall be fined, and are liable to be expelled from the hostel on repeated violations.

19. Residents are advised not to talk to visitors at the Hostel gate.

20. Residents are not allowed to accept any delivery of food items after 11.00 p.m. Any delivery boy appearing at the hostel gate after 11.00 p.m. will be sent back by the security guard.

21. Residents are required to abide by all instructions from the Hostel authorities, which are displayed on the Notice Board from time to time or conveyed otherwise.

22. Residents of each floor are required to maintain the refrigerator on their floors as well as other equipments like microwave, etc.

23. Residents are allowed to use air coolers in their rooms having water capacity between 25-30 ltrs. To prevent spreading of Dengue and Malaria, the residents are required to keep their coolers clean and disinfect them regularly.

24. Residents are expected to actively participate in the various Hostel activities including running of the mess, cultural activities, library, maintenance of garden, computer facility or any other duty allotted to the Hostel assigned by the Provost/Warden. Disciplinary action will be taken against a resident who fails to be an active member of the committee.

25. The residents are not allowed to engage any person for personal services. No employees of the Hostel should be asked to do personal job by any resident.

26. A resident should pay all the dues and get a clearance certificate from the Hostel office to this effect at least three days before vacating the Hostel.

27. As per University decision, residents are required to produce 'No dues' Certificate from the Hostel for obtaining admission ticket for the annual examination and for submission of Ph.D. thesis/M.Phil. dissertation.

28. General complaints regarding civil/electrical work on the floor should be reported in writing to the House Keeper with a copy to the Resident Tutor/Warden.

29. All residents are required to keep their Identity cards ready for inspection by the Hostel authorities.

30. Possession/use of Alcoholic drinks, Narcotics, Drugs and smoking is strictly prohibited in the hostel.

31. The use of electrical appliances such as heater, blower, electric iron, immersion rod etc. in the hostel by the residents is strictly forbidden.

32. The residents are warned not to tamper with the electrical installations in the rooms or in the Hostel premises inclusive of Water pump. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate these rules. (8)

33. Fine on Violation of Rules: A resident who violates any of the Hostel or University rules or creates disturbance in the Hostel is liable to appropriate disciplinary action by the Provost/Warden. The penalty for the violation will be ` 100/- or more and/or any other punishment decided by the authorities. Residents are liable to be expelled from the Hostel on repeated violation.

34. Any resident found forging parents'/authorized guardians' signature, will be expelled from the hostel.

35. At the time of admission, every student shall be required to sign a declaration that she submits herself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the V.C., Director, South Campus, the Provost and other authorities of the University who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under the Act, the Statutes, the Ordinances including Ordinance XV (B) and (C) and Rules that have been framed by the University.

36. Sale of Newspapers and other old items to 'Kabadiwala' by the residents would be allowed on working days only during office hours.